Friday, 16 December 2011

Will the World come to an End on December 2012?

This is an interesting topic that is doing the rounds these days. It seems the world will end at Dec 2012. It seems there will be a “pralaya” (a deluge) and everything will come to an end. I have heard that Lord Maha Vishnu will take the “kalki” avatar. It would be his 24th incarnation sometime at the end of Kaliyuga. But if next year the world is coming to an end, I wonder where is Kalki? Ok, I am moving off the topic.

Every morning while cooking, I listen to the radio. Today even on the radio, this was the topic of discussion. The RJ was confirming that the world would not come to an end. She said she would site a reason why? But for some reason, I could not get to her reasoning and analysis. Some days back this was the conversation I had with my maid. She had seen this topic being discussed on the television. She was happy that the world is coming to an end. I always told her not to believe in such things, for she would be disappointed if it didn’t happen. Today when she heard the RJ saying the same, she was visibly upset. She said, after working in 12 different houses, I need to work at my home. She said, she is fed up of this life and she would have been happy if the world would come to an end. I felt very strange when she got so serious about this.

I, on the other end don’t want to believe it is true. I am not yet prepared to die. I don’t see my death anywhere close to me. I have so much to do, so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so many things to explore. If death is happening in December 2012, I would be disappointed. I thought of making the TO DO list, in case we are all going the following year. These are some things that came up without much thought.
Ø  I would quit my job. Ask my husband to quit his job. Spend the rest of the year with him and my kiddo.
Ø  I would go on a trip to Manasa Gangotri. See the Himalayas from up-close. I would also go to Leh and Ladakh on the way.
Ø  Send a sorry card to all those people whom I might have hurt. I would call them and apologize. I am not sure I have anybody on that list now? I have this gut feeling that I am a good human being with no enemies. Not sure what others perceive of me?
Ø  I would give a big bear hug to my mom, grandmom, my brothers, my in-laws and put aside all the hard feelings, if any once and for all.
Ø  I would go travelling to Europe, Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. I dont think I have the money to go to all these places. But, I have a backup plan; I would sell off our house. My husband being a travel buff would surely agree. I know him.
Ø  After setting aside money for the travel plans that I have, I would give away all my gold and silver to buy good food and clothes to some of the homeless children and the aged.
How wonderful it is to think that tomorrow is the last day to live. That reminds me of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
There is no security to worry about, no savings to worry about, no old age to think about, and no tomorrow to think off. The thought about making our life secure and safe is what causes all the stress, isn’t it? What do you say?
Share your to-do list and views on what if December 2012 is the end of the world?

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