Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Coolest Month of the Year

December, the last month of the year; the thoughts it provokes in my mind are all here for you to read.
Ø  27th December is an important day in my life. This was the day my husband asked me to be a part of his life, many years ago. It was a wonderful feeling to have fallen in love.
Ø  Happy Birthday Mr. Salman Khan.
Ø  Anna Hazare is fighting a noble cause. Hope God is with him and helps him win this fight against corruption. I feel ashamed to do nothing about it although I am less than half your age. But Sir, I promise to not be corrupt myself.
Ø  New Year is just 4 days away. Yes, I know, everybody would be feeling how quickly 2011 went by. That is the same feeling every year, believe me.
Ø  The world is celebrating. Everywhere it is the “Happy Holidays”, Christmas and New Year mood. This season is beautiful. Winter is my favorite season and December is my favorite month. It reminds me of Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeers, Santa’s sleigh filled with presents, Christmas tree, beautiful wreaths decorating the door ways, jingle bells, decorated cribs with sheep’s and cows and Jesus Christ born amidst them, cozy woolen wear, snow capped mountains, a cool breeze kissing my cheeks and so much more. December is my month of the year. As the McDonalds saying goes,” I am loving it”.
Ø  I feel people born in December will be famous. Don’t ask me why? I have no reason.
Ø  I love this “margazhi” month and listening to the “thirupavai”. I like getting up early and going to Vishnu temple early in the morning. Looking forward to Vaikunta Ekadasi. It seems people who die on this day go directly to Vaikuntam (Lord Vishnu’s abode). I was born on this day. So now you know where I came from?
Ø  Oh no, it’s the tax savings time of the year. I hate that.
Except for the last thought, I am thoroughly enjoying December. How about you?

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