Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Salute to Marconi's Invention

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After a long time, I was listening to music yesterday. No no no, I listen to music often, but this time it was on Radio. There came another deluge of thoughts pouring in. It was all about the “Akashvani”. It made me feel so nostalgic. It’s the same feeling you get when you watch DD now. J
When I was small (I don’t remember how small) I used to listen to “Akashvani” with my mother. We had a small Philips Radio. This is what introduced me to all those great Kannada songs, which I still hum to. There was a golden magic in the voice of PB Sreenivas. And it suited Dr. Rajkumar as if it were his own. When I married M, he used to always feel my knowledge in Kannada was limited. But, he was surprised to know that I knew most of the songs in Kannada, which were also to his liking. All my sincere thanks are to the Radio. J
I was not a great movie buff back then. Even now I am not, but after marriage M has got me interested in all kinds of movies. I watch much more than I have before. Will you believe it, if I tell you I have not seen “Maine Pyar Kiya” or “Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge”? Ok, please don’t give me that look. I am tired of that look (which world are you from kind of a look). I have seen it repeatedly on so many faces, every single time I tell this to someone. But, post marriage, you ask me about any movie in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English, I would sure have something to tell you. J My thoughts have pulled me to Pakistan, while I actually wanted to tell you about Kashmir.
So, I was telling you about the Radio. We used to listen to “Dharavahi’s” in Kannada at night before sleep time. Those days there were no great TV programs. DD used to stop telecasting around 10. So the only source of entertainment used to be “Radio”. We used to listen to Ramayana on Radio. I got introduced to Hindi old songs also through Radio. This was my Hindi source apart from Chitrahar and Rangoli on TV. When the Radio was under repair, we all felt something amiss. It used to be terrible until it was back singing again. My granddad had a pocket Radio, which was a treasure; we were not allowed to touch. It used to be bought out only in times of world cup and test matches. J If there was a cricket match, my granddad used to stick his ears to the Radio. We used to run up to touch the gadget and he used to chase us away, fearing some attack to his most precious treasure.
My mom used to always ask me, who invented Radio and I used to promptly reply – Marconi. J Then her next question would be who invented TV – J.L Baird, followed by my dad poking in - Who invented Steam Engine?? Flabbergasted!!! I never answered this. Somehow I always forgot this great man’s name. After repeated failures (every time it was Dad’s business to ask me this), I finally learnt his name – James Watt. I still wonder why mom always liked this game. She has played this inventor’s name game with me so many times. J

After a while Radio disappeared completely. Cable TV was in. It erased Radio as if it never ever existed. Radio had become the so called Dinosaur. There was another popular craze in between, it was the VCR. I probably will write a separate post on that. Cable TV removed that away as well. Then it was a complete hook on to the TV. I used to miss those Radio moments though.
After a long time, again Radio City came in with a bang. It was Radio all over the place. Sunaina, Vasanthi Hariprakash, Pradeep, and so many other RJ’s shot to fame. Now there are so many Radio stations. Nobody can imagine a drive without playing the Radio. It’s good to see that Radio is back as if it never was extinct. J
It’s good to see Pari switching the Radio on and swaying to the music it is playing. She says ‘Dance Dance’ and switches it on. J. Feels so good that what I enjoyed in my childhood, even Pari is getting to enjoy. Just that it’s in her own sweet way. Nonetheless, she got to enjoy the Radio, which is what matters to me. J
While I enjoy the music on the Radio, I sign off.  Bye… J

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  1. You brought back all the beautiful memories associated with Radio...i feel nostalgia settling in....:)


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