Saturday, 16 April 2011

What rain does to people??

The day started fresh and cool today with the beautiful shower spell that was bestowed on Bangalore yesterday. I don’t know why but I always feel very romantic when I think about the rains. J Apart from the hot pakoda and a great book in hand feeling that rains evoke. Of course I should not be making the pakoda’s. Mom makes yummy pakoda’s. I would love it if she had made some for me. And I was relishing it with a book in my hand on the balcony of my home. Would there be a second heaven compared to this?? I don’t think so… J
Everything about the rains is so beautiful. Be it the smell that rises from the mud when it wets the earth or the glistening leaves, shining ever so proudly about its luster. Although the geography book talks a lot about how the clouds form, evaporation and condensation, I just want to believe that rains are God sent; Something beyond science. Something’s are better left without the intervention of science.  In my opinion Rains is one among them.
Rains always cleanse my thoughts. It makes me feel life is worth living after all. It reminds me, that come what may, we need to erase some things in life and move on. When you subject yourself to this cleansing process, you emerge out much stronger. And then you are the winner!  I didn’t know Rains made me phil(fool)osophical too.

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