Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Haiku Heights - Origami

Fold after fold,
a new avatar unfolds,
finally the true meaning emerges.
Red, blue green and yellow,
teased the paper toy between the fingers,
a small, fun little toy.
When a beautiful paper is folded,
I wonder why is he spoiling it?
The beautiful outcome stuns me.

Written for Haiku Heights - Origami.

A born genius

I was listening to some old Tamil hits of A.R.Rehman today. It blew me off completely. His music is simply so beautiful. If you want to feel good the way I am feeling now, please listen to songs from Thiruda Thiruda, Roja, Marghazhi poove song from May Madham, songs from Kadhalan and Mudhalvan.. so many more in the list.. :)

Simply splendid. Hats off Mr. A.R.R. For my today's mood and mindset, your songs are my LSD.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Haiku Heights - Breeze

A saddened heavy heart,
was reminded of hope,
when caressed by breeze.


As they romanced in love,
Wind blew a kiss of breeze,
The leaves blushed and swayed.

This was written for Haiku Heights.

Wish all the women a Happy Women's Day.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why a father cant replace a mother?

A mother can always put her child's hunger before her own.
A mother can sense what the child is feeling even before the child expresses it.
A mother can easily change the mood of her child.
A mother mostly knows the child's needs.
A mother knows when to pamper and when to control her tantrums.

A mother can sense the pain the child might be going through.
A mother can never be happy when her child is suffering.
A mother may not know what is best for her child, but she will try to give her best at motherhood.

I am not generalizing here. There may be cases when fathers' replace mothers' and every case has an exception.

However, a father makes a family complete.  

Friday, 1 March 2013

Shocked beyond words

Today my friend reported an alarming incident. I am still not sure how to react to it.

I walk through a crowded narrow lane everyday from work to home. I have always felt a little insecure walking through that street. Yesterday morning my friend walked through the same street. She saw a girl was walking ahead of her and she was talking to someone on her mobile. Three men came riding on a Honda Activa. One of the guys on the bike, touched the buttocks of the girl who was walking ahead.

My friend was shocked to see that and she stood there for a minute. Another lady who was walking from the opposite side, told my friend, see what all happens and walked with a disgust on her face. That girl walked away without knowing how to react.
When my friend told me this, I was not sure what to tell about the situation. I am still not able to move away from how men treat unknownn women in our society. I am running short of words.