Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Walking in the rain

On a wet July evening,
As the clouds romanced,
Sending down torrential rain,
they walked hand in hand,
loving their first togetherness.
Friends, having found their love,
walking through the orchards,
limitless emotions pouring out,
love glittering in their eyes,
words seemed bitterish.
With daydreams of their future,
not even a thought did differ.
The lovers walked, under one umbrella,
close as ever, embraced by oneness,
praying the rain would never come to a halt.

This piece is written for - short-story-slam-week-23.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The sound of a house being torn down,
Called for all walks of people,
Wails of a mother rendered childless,
Howls of a child who lost its home,
Pain and agony seeping through every heart,
Fire devoured a once beautiful home,
shattering their dreams and lives,
An immense damage for no fault,
not theirs nor their forefathers,
a few eyes gazed on for a while,
a few thanking it was not their house,
a few thinking when it would be their turn.
Moments later life moved on, people too,
picking up the abandoned ones,
to give them a new home, a new life.
A war torn country, showed varied glipmses,
of limitless hope and despair.

This was an entry to the 'Sunday Scribblings' - Limitless

Attitude - Oh!! I dont care.

I happened to see this news about Pinki Pramanik and later went to read about her.

Its really sad to hear that she had to undergo all that she did. She has won a few medals for the country in the Commonwealth games and the Asian games. She has represented the country and played on behalf of it. She has been subjected to so much in the last few days. Not only was she taken into custody on rape charges. In the name of a gender test, her nude videos are made available on the internet, making her known for notorious reasons than for her sports acheivements. If not for the fact that she played for our country, didn't she atleast deserve a decent treatment as a married lady, as a human being?

I wish somethings could change in our country with the way we treat our own people? Perhaps my friend was right, we Indians have too much of a dont care attitude, towards every damn thing that happens around us.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Seeing is Believing? Nahhhhh

While its raining outside, relaxing and lots of TV watching was the agenda this weekend. I saw this Airtel ad on TV. A pair of legs with shoes on, staggering along. A manhole is seen and the pair of legs successfully crosses around the manhole. 

I searched a lot to get you people a video of the Ad, but I am unable to find it on youtube. I am pasting another video of the related commercial. May be you can look for the ad I am talking about. It is an Airtel Rising Stars ad.

When I saw this ad, I thought it was a drunk man trying to walk around the manhole. Suddenly the focus of the camera shifts, it shows a boy trying to balance a football on his head. Trying to keep it from falling down.

I was just thinking about my perspective earlier. I felt so silly. Perhaps, life is just what we think it is, right?

Another valuable lesson learnt today. Widen your spectrum, look beyond the horizons, dont judge anything by the face value and be patient, may be we will live to see what life really wanted to offer.

What say?

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hit a block??

Looks like I hit a Writer's block. The more I want to write, it seems like I am moving further away from it. I am not sure, why? Looks like I am not getting enough inspiration. I will surely be back. :)