Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Attitude - Oh!! I dont care.

I happened to see this news about Pinki Pramanik and later went to read about her.

Its really sad to hear that she had to undergo all that she did. She has won a few medals for the country in the Commonwealth games and the Asian games. She has represented the country and played on behalf of it. She has been subjected to so much in the last few days. Not only was she taken into custody on rape charges. In the name of a gender test, her nude videos are made available on the internet, making her known for notorious reasons than for her sports acheivements. If not for the fact that she played for our country, didn't she atleast deserve a decent treatment as a married lady, as a human being?

I wish somethings could change in our country with the way we treat our own people? Perhaps my friend was right, we Indians have too much of a dont care attitude, towards every damn thing that happens around us.

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