Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The sound of a house being torn down,
Called for all walks of people,
Wails of a mother rendered childless,
Howls of a child who lost its home,
Pain and agony seeping through every heart,
Fire devoured a once beautiful home,
shattering their dreams and lives,
An immense damage for no fault,
not theirs nor their forefathers,
a few eyes gazed on for a while,
a few thanking it was not their house,
a few thinking when it would be their turn.
Moments later life moved on, people too,
picking up the abandoned ones,
to give them a new home, a new life.
A war torn country, showed varied glipmses,
of limitless hope and despair.

This was an entry to the 'Sunday Scribblings' - Limitless

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