Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nipping way before it is time

I had thought up ‘n’ number of things to write in the blog today.
The mail I saw this morning moved my heart. Today I want to write about Child Labour.
I hate Child Labour. I am strongly against people employing kids below 18 years of age (I know that its legally 14 years of age) yet I feel not till they are 18 atleast. I feel very bad to see some small kids in the hotels, wait to clean the tables. I feel like calling up somebody and getting the kid out of this situation. But I am not sure what would the impact be? I dont know fearing what I have never complained against any such hotel?
I see them in the motor bike repair shops, fully greased from head to toe. When they do a mistake I see their owners whack them on their head. And I see those innocent kids ducking to take it and yet give their masters a smile. I wonder how the owners can get so angry with such young kids? We err so many times and screw up things terribly, isn’t it but natural for kids to do mistakes? Moreover they are of the age when they should be playing, while they are earning a livelihood, for whatever damn reasons. Despite all this they get beaten up.
While I was going to the temple one of these days, I saw a lady push a stroller, in which she had comfortably tucked her child in. She had wrapped it an expensive and soft blanket and ensured she had put a cap around the kiddo’s head. Yes the kid looked all dressed like a doll. They happily walked, a content and proud mother with a cute kid. Two foot steps behind her, a small girl shabbily dressed in what looked like the ladies old chudidhar (not torn but looked like it would anytime), hair unkempt and dirty, walked slowly tracing the footsteps of the lady. She carried a bag too large for her size and was innocently gaping at all the people around her. It was a hard scene for me to see. The little girl was definitely hired to take care of the kid that was tucked away in the pram and help the lady with the households. Firstly it’s wrong to hire a child, and after having done so, forget treating the girl with love, cant she at least get that little girl a decent dress? Can’t she comb the little one’s hair? If it were her child, would she allow her kid to do her hair on her own, take care of all her needs? Then why this indifference?
How can anybody hire a little girl as a household help?? I simply can’t understand this fact? If anybody has such ideas, please shun it immediately. If you find it so difficult to manage your home and your kid at the age of 25, 30, or whatever age you are, the kid is definitely not going to find it easy. Remember yourself at her age. Please learn to love other kids as if they were your own.
Please, it’s a humble request from a nobody, who cares for all those innocent kids who have to work when they are only ripe enough to play. Don’t employ them, give them love, give them toys, books and try to give them a future.
I saw this quote and felt it should be shared.
"Children are like flowers, they bruise easily. Stop cruelty to children."

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Perfectly Imperfect or Imperfectly Perfect

When we were lunching today, a SMS turned all eyes, ears and all of us towards my friend's mobile. It was a Dr.Batra's Homoeopathy Clinic message asking us not to ignore HAIR LOSS. We giggled; while suddenly I started thinking why it is in India we attach so much of importance to Baldness?
Why is it that we assume that only people with hair look handsome, beautiful? Why do we try concealing the fact that we are bald? I was just telling my friends about it. In Hollywood there are so many actors who are strikingly handsome and yet bald. I can’t stop thinking about Bruce Willis. In Bollywood, there is so much of a hoopla created when Hrithik Roshan is losing hair and the front page headlines on the newspaper and all leading TV channels is about Hrithik consulting Salman Khan on how to prevent hair loss??
We have a problem in accepting some things, the way they are (We includes me). We speak a lot about beauty beyond physical appearance. But when it comes to reality, how many of us are open to see the beauty beyond skin deep? How many of us have not commented on bald people at least once in our life time? How about people wearing spectacles? I am bi-spectacled and many people have nick named me “sodi” and some have been sympathetic with me, as if a disaster had stuck upon me. Give it a breather I only have a short sight.
Tell me, how many of us have not felt, “How I wish I was a little fairer?” or “How I wish I was a little slimmer?” I think it’s because we can’t love ourselves the way we are. We talk a lot, but in reality we are different. We want everything perfect. And what according to anybody is perfect??? A perfect for one is imperfect for the other.
I am leaving you thinking, while I learn to love myself and others around me beyond beauty at the physical level.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Choosing the path

A conflict arises in my mind
To be good or to be bad?
I am not a very good person,
but neither do I want to be bad.

World leaves me with a choice,
and forces me to choose either one.
To be good and to bear the brunt
or to be bad and escape the trauma.

Good things come to good they say,
I wonder how that is true?
What is good I think and brood,
Good to me is not good to all.

Subjected to this confusion,
I can neither be good nor bad,
for I cant distinguish
what is good and what is bad?

I am sure many live through this
adapting to this pseudo life.
I get to go nowhere forcing myself,
I will be just be the way I am.

Remember, World leaves me with a choice,
and forces me to choose either one.
I am glad I am the one to choose,
so I choose to tread the path of good.


I feel I went into hibernation when it came to writing. I wanted to get out of this mode and was just thinking what to write? Then this happened.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Celebrate World!!

June 5th - World Environment Day. I just wanted to tell some minor things to all those who read this blog. 

  • Consciously use less plastic. If its inevitable, please buy 40 micron plastic, which is bio-degradable.
  • Please use cloth bags/baskets to buy vegetables/groceries/fruits.
  • Use dustbins to throw waste. Remember roads and pavements are not dustbins.
  • Use water judiciously. We are already in an era where we pay for water. Dont let it worsen. You never know, water may turn out to be costlier than gold.
  • If possible, plant trees. Atleast try to own a few pots with plants in it.
  • You own a pet, you own everything of it. Please dont disown its droppings. There is a place for everything, definitely not on the roads and pavements.
Last but not the least, "Earth is not something we inherited from our ancestors. Its something we borrowed from our children". Help preserve it.