Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Perfectly Imperfect or Imperfectly Perfect

When we were lunching today, a SMS turned all eyes, ears and all of us towards my friend's mobile. It was a Dr.Batra's Homoeopathy Clinic message asking us not to ignore HAIR LOSS. We giggled; while suddenly I started thinking why it is in India we attach so much of importance to Baldness?
Why is it that we assume that only people with hair look handsome, beautiful? Why do we try concealing the fact that we are bald? I was just telling my friends about it. In Hollywood there are so many actors who are strikingly handsome and yet bald. I can’t stop thinking about Bruce Willis. In Bollywood, there is so much of a hoopla created when Hrithik Roshan is losing hair and the front page headlines on the newspaper and all leading TV channels is about Hrithik consulting Salman Khan on how to prevent hair loss??
We have a problem in accepting some things, the way they are (We includes me). We speak a lot about beauty beyond physical appearance. But when it comes to reality, how many of us are open to see the beauty beyond skin deep? How many of us have not commented on bald people at least once in our life time? How about people wearing spectacles? I am bi-spectacled and many people have nick named me “sodi” and some have been sympathetic with me, as if a disaster had stuck upon me. Give it a breather I only have a short sight.
Tell me, how many of us have not felt, “How I wish I was a little fairer?” or “How I wish I was a little slimmer?” I think it’s because we can’t love ourselves the way we are. We talk a lot, but in reality we are different. We want everything perfect. And what according to anybody is perfect??? A perfect for one is imperfect for the other.
I am leaving you thinking, while I learn to love myself and others around me beyond beauty at the physical level.

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