Monday, 6 June 2011

Celebrate World!!

June 5th - World Environment Day. I just wanted to tell some minor things to all those who read this blog. 

  • Consciously use less plastic. If its inevitable, please buy 40 micron plastic, which is bio-degradable.
  • Please use cloth bags/baskets to buy vegetables/groceries/fruits.
  • Use dustbins to throw waste. Remember roads and pavements are not dustbins.
  • Use water judiciously. We are already in an era where we pay for water. Dont let it worsen. You never know, water may turn out to be costlier than gold.
  • If possible, plant trees. Atleast try to own a few pots with plants in it.
  • You own a pet, you own everything of it. Please dont disown its droppings. There is a place for everything, definitely not on the roads and pavements.
Last but not the least, "Earth is not something we inherited from our ancestors. Its something we borrowed from our children". Help preserve it.

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  1. Good tips and a nice quote to end with for a greener and better world not just today but for future! :)


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