Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mercy about Mercy Killing

Somehow today a thought is lingering in my mind, from the time I am up from my bed. It is about Euthanasia or Mercy Killing. It’s more of unanswered questions about Mercy killing that are bothering me than whether it’s a right thing to do or not. When a person is so sick that he is unable to take care of his basic necessities, then what is the purpose of such a life? People might argue that he “might” be alright one day and “might” be able to take care of himself as if whatever has made him bed ridden now will be completely erased from memory. But, how many such cases happen in reality? How many spring back to life as though nothing has ever gone wrong.
It’s fair to argue that we are not the ones to decide when one should die. Death is not a call for us to take. But when a person is so sick and there are no more hopes of that person living, then why shouldn’t his life be respected and terminated in a decent way than let him await his death which seems like it will never come?
When a person is suffering, he alone suffers the physical pain, but the person who loves him suffers the mental pain of seeing a loved one suffer. I am sure many people will hate this idea and not agree with me. But this is what I feel about so many people who are living a life they would not choose to live. They want to die, that is the desire deep down, but death would not come to them. They are not sure why they are alive and how much more they got to see before the final time comes. In many cases, they are just hanging around helplessly, either in a deep coma for years or in a physically anguished state, knowing not what to do? There are thousands who feel, its better GOD takes him than to let him suffer like this; the unheard silent prayers of all the loved ones go unanswered.
While I was talking to a friend about this, he said there was a woman who had been physically violated and has been in coma for the last 20 years. What is the purpose of sustaining such a life? I, for sure have no answers.
My heart goes out for all such people, who are suffering their road to death in silence and deep distress. I wish I could help them. I wish Mercy killing was a legal option for them. You may call me a murderer, so be it. If the thousands who are suffering can get some relief from their pains then I prefer being one and supporting this cause.

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  1. Its true that its difficult for both the sufferer and the people related to the person to go through the ordeal but i guess this is a debate with no ending. There are legal aspects to it which are more than that meets the eye. The law is trying to protect the sanctity of such an act. There are many who may misuse euthanasia for their personal benefit. I think, in a society like ours, euthanasia could lead to lot of misuse. In such situations, it is tough to side with either side of the debate. I guess the new judgement by the apex court in this regard is well researched and thought. But still bringing legality into matters of sentimental value always causes heartache....


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