Monday, 16 May 2011

First in the series of First-Timer's

I plan to do a first timer’s series. This is my first attempt.
Suguna went to drop her kid, Manasi at school. It was Manasi’s first day at school. Suguna had been fretting about sending her kid to school, for almost a week now. She knew she had to overcome it, for Manasi had to go to school someday. But thoughts were pounding her head; will Manasi be able to handle the pressure of school life? How will she fair in her exams? Will she be a bully or will she get bullied by others in the class? Will Manasi be in the good books of her teachers or will she turn out to be a brat or even worse a (branded) back bencher? Will she get punished by her teacher and get wacked on her knuckles? Thousands of thoughts were crossing her mind and making a very haphazard and random pattern. She had purchased all that was needed and more for her toddler’s important first day of life – books, pencil box, new pencils, sharpeners, erasers, bag, shoes, uniforms. Name it and it was there for Manasi. Suguna didn’t understand her hidden fears.
The day finally arrived. Manasi was decked up in her new attire. Suguna’s car pulled up in front of Manasi’s school. Suguna recollected her first day in school. She had cried so much. She had happily entered the school premises, but the sight of her teacher had shaken her. She wept uncontrollably and did not let go off her dad’s little finger. She tugged so hard. Her teacher had to literally drag her into the classroom. She finally went in; turning and looking at her dad at every step she took. Her dad was happy to let her go. That day, she had thought that her dad didn’t love her. Otherwise, why would he have left her alone with an unknown lady? But now she only laughed at those thoughts.
How would Manasi react was a million dollar question repeatedly torturing Suguna. Slowly as they walked in, Manasi seemed curious. She looked at every nook and corner of the building. She saw many kids her size walk in, clad in their new stiff pinafores, jet black shoes complimenting their dashing white socks and neatly done hair. Some elder kids walked in groups with a hunch back. The weight of their school bags literally bringing them down to the ground. The kindergarten room was almost there. Manasi's eyes opened up wide and clear. She imbibed everything that was in that room. The black board, the charts showing shapes, colors, animals, birds and alphabets, the cute little tables and chairs, the other kids who were soon to be her friends, the various little puzzles and blocks stacked up at one corner, waiting to be explored.
While Manasi was still looking around greedily, her teacher walked up to us and said “Hello Manasi”. Manasi let out a happy and loud hello. Her teacher asked her if she liked the place, Manasi nodded. Her teacher asked her if she wanted to play with the other kids and the puzzles. Manasi nodded her head very eagerly. Then her teacher asked her to tell Suguna, Bye. Manasi happily waved and walked hand in hand with her teacher, jumping and eagerly proceeding towards the puzzles.
All the while Suguna had been a silent spectator. She had hardly noticed when Manasi had let go off her hand and taken her teacher’s hand in hers. She was so worried about her child, but Manasi had gone as if it was never a big deal. Suguna turned and walked towards the car and felt drops of tear roll down her cheeks. Suguna felt strange about her tears. She had these same tears when it was her first day at school and now again when it was her daughter’s.


  1. Brave child of a not so brave mother :)

  2. Looking forward for the next first timer in the series. Its just good to recall those memories of first time of many things. Some of them eventhough little painful like this one, will also be good memories to recollect and share with your kids when they grow up...


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