Monday, 2 April 2012

J.P Park at Mathikere

After a very hectic last week, I was finally free for a relaxing weekend. We went to see the musical fountain in J.P Park in Mathikere. Mathikere is the place I have spent all my childhood days. I have fond memories of this place. Even till date, when I am anywhere close to Malleshwaram or Mathikere, I feel so ecstatic. An attachment, which is tough to explain. Coming back to the musical fountain, it was a very good experience. They announced it was one of the best in South India. It was fun to see water dance to the tunes of some real good songs. We howled and hooted at the performance. We had plans of going to Mahalakshmi Layout, but we could not make it. I love that Hanuman temple there. A huge idol carved on a big blouder. I would want to go there soon.

Anyway, I wanted to share that JP Park - Jayaprakash Narayan Park in Mathikere is a nice place to hang out on a  boring weekend evening. This place is also called the Mini Lalbagh. A good place for children, there are plenty of play things in the Play area. There is a swimming pool, a musical fountain, a very big park to jog or walk. You have benches to sit, overlooking beautiful gardens with some nice models of farmers, animals, children and people installed in them. These models are so close to being real. The ox looked so real, that I was mistaken intially. There are mini pools within, where are huge cat fishes. Many varieties of birds come here every year.

This park also has a "Navagraha" Park, in which small pebbles are laid out on the floor. Walking on this barefoot, it is said to help reduce blood pressure and diabetes. It also has a rock garden.  The pebbles and variety of colored pieces of rocks are used to make a nice little creative zone. Sanjeevini park is also going to be built. I am not sure, what that would comprise.

So, readers if you ever get a chance to go to Mathikere, visit this park. It is recommended.

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