Monday, 2 April 2012


In my room, darkness covering every inch of it.
I sit wondering if I would ever see the sunrise
 or the twilight followed by a sunset.

In my room, on a damp, cold and frosty morning,
I sit wondering if I could ever see the deep blue sky
 and the birds chirping high?

In my room, where a whisper would be a racket,
I sit wondering if I could run in the fields
 and shout to hear my voice echo back?

In my room, with just a window and a door,
I sit wondering if I could break through, gain freedom
 and be a happy man again?

In my room, where there is no one but me,
I sit wondering if this is "my room" or is it "my cell"?
 I guess I lived here too long to call it my room.

In my room, filled with deep regret and pain,
I sit wondering if only I had controlled my temper to kill,
 I would have been free and would have had no reason to wonder.

In my room, where I can only repent,
I sit praying God to forgive my sins and hold me close and if possible,
 Give me a chance to live again.

I wrote this for "Carry on Tuesday" - In My Room.


  1. There is such a claustrophobic feel to this piece.Let's hope for an early release! Thanks so much for joining us at Carry On Tuesday

  2. Nice to discover your blog. Lovely verse, although as Keith says, there is a claustrophobic feel !! Here's wishing you the freedom to soar high and sing joyfully like a bird .....

  3. Thanks for your comments, Keith and Ramesh. I was just trying to imagine a life of a prisoner stuck in a cell and repenting for his deeds. Its just a piece of fiction, not real. :)

  4. Given that context, its a lovely lovely piece.


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