Thursday, 28 April 2011

A tale of a dog's tail

Her vision blurred with tears in her eyes. She tried to hold back her tears but a drop came rolling down her cheek. She quickly looked down so that the crowd gathered around her did not notice it. She was tugging at her dad’s hand. The man muttered something and went back to sleep. He was completely intoxicated. She had been through this embarrassment several times. Her dad would consume alcohol till he could no longer walk or when the shop closed and then start walking back, rather faltering back home. When he could no longer walk, he would drop down on the ground and lie there, till someone informed her or till his senses were clear.
This time it was the neighboring kid Somu, who had come running to tell Sandhya about her dad. He was walking back from school, when he noticed a small crowd around a man. When he looked closely, he saw it was Sandhya akka’s ‘appa’. He was panting hard when Sandhya was removing the dried clothes in front of her home. After Sandhya heard about this, she dropped the clothes that were in her hand and ran with Somu. When she reached the place, the crowd was diluted. After all, how long can people watch a drunken man muttering and gesturing something. The entertainment quotient was very poor. For some time, after watching the “tamasha”, people remembered they had some purpose in life and had to move on. When Sandhya called her “appa” (dad), he responded something which she did not understand. She asked him to get up and pulled at his hand, as Somu looked on.
Sandhya was in her early 20’s. She was studying to be an Engineer. She was a tall lean girl with a slim figure. She had sharp features which made her look very beautiful. Sandhya’s appa had been a supervisor in a manufacturing unit. He had lost his job recently after he had taken to alcohol seriously. His employers had been kind enough to give him many chances. They knew he would a valuable asset to their company, if he were to ever get back to what he had been. Earlier, he had been an occasional drinker. He drank in social gatherings with friends or in the eve of a marriage party, where all his friends ganged up and played a few games of cards. As years passed, the occasion would come every Sunday. Sunday was a holiday and the man of the house got to do whatever he wanted. Slowly, everyday became a Sunday. Sandhya’s ‘amma’ had been a perfect housemaker. It was tough to find a speck of dust in her home earlier. Now, ‘amma’ had started working as a personal secretary in an office nearby to make the ends meet. Her house was in tatters and her home was almost broken.
Sandhya’s Appa had renounced everything and had surrendered himself to the God of intoxication, the Devil perhaps. While it had become a routine for appa to drink all the waking time, it was still difficult for Sandhya to accept that her dad was a drunkard. Her head would bow in shame, whenever her friends spoke about their dad’s. Sandhya had been scared of such conversations. One of her friends had gotten too nosey once and had almost irked Sandhya. Somehow she had saved herself from those situations. Only the silence in the dark could describe her pains, for she dared to converse with the silence alone. She often cried alone and her friend was her pillow who always listened and took her tears, never asking her any questions. She often asked God in silence, what she did to be blessed with a father like this. What was her fault? What was her mother’s?
After trying to wake her dad for a long time, she splashed the water from the Pepsi bottle that Somu had managed to gather from somewhere. Appa slowly came back to his senses. He was not sure how long he had been lying there nor was Sandhya. Unabashed Appa asked Sandhya what she was doing there. Sandhya told him, he was too drunk and was lying on the road when the people around walked totally unaffected. Appa slowly got up. Sandhya got up behind her appa. Somu looked on. Appa noticed that his right leg’s slipper had loyally stuck his leg, while the left one had been abandoned far behind. He slowly walked to get back the unfaithful fellow, forgetting how unfaithful his life had turned to be. Sandhya strode behind appa. After wearing his slippers, he started walking in the direction of the Bar. Sandhya called out. Appa did not care to turn. She ran behind and pulled his hand. He quickly loosened her grip and continued walking.
With no choice left, Sandhya turned towards her home. Somu asked Sandhya, “Akka, where is uncle going yet again?” Sandhya’s throat choked with pain. She did not bother to answer Somu, but she asked Somu not to tell ‘amma’ about this. While Somu nodded, Sandhya took his hand in hers and walked with tears brimming in her eyes.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Life's Purpose

My wife Savithri, bade me a goodbye with eyes filled with tears. She knew that a crying woman would bring no good fortune to a man. She knew she had to hold back her emotions and she did it well. She carried our beloved son in her arms. He was sleeping peacefully in her arms. How I wished the peace he had in her arms, could spread to the entire world. With a heavy heart, Savithri performed “arti” and put a “tika” on my forehead. Was I scared? My heart was bleeding. I put on my head gear and strode out. For once my heart seemed heavier than the spear and the shield in my hand. I did not know if I would return.
The chieftain had chosen me as to lead from the front, in the war. I remembered my dad’s words. It rang in my ears like never before. He always said lead the army when you are going to dine at an occasion and take a back seat when you go to a war. We had always laughed at his funny saying. I felt a small smile escaping my lips, only to quickly disappear. I remembered my son, Abhimanyu. His gentle smile flashed before my eyes. Savithri’s helpless tugged at me. Life of a widowed woman was not going to be easy. I did not want to leave her for sure. When the previous war was declared in the kingdom of Panipat, I lost several friends. I remembered my close pal, Ramanna who was a lead man last time and never returned. The plight of Sitamma was dire. This time I wondered if my turn had come. I could not imagine Savithri like Sitamma. Trying to explain the lamentations of those widowed women is an injustice to them. I salute to all those women, who know the probable consequences of a man going to war and yet let them go. Not once but every single time the war is declared. She is more of a patriot than the men who go.
I cursed the King. Why did he want this war? He had all the wealth in the world. He had so many queens and sons and daughters. He had more than anybody could ask for. God had given him everything, but he still wanted to fight this war. Didn’t he know how many lives were at stake? Didn’t he care for our families?  After the war would been won, what would he have achieved? Little gold, silver and precious gems added to his treasury. Would this slight increase make any difference to him? May be a few new queens added to his palace. Is there no end to his desire for women? Everybody has a territory defined and why don’t all the kings live happily in their respective territories? Why did they want to invade into the territory of others? Exploit the women of that territory, spoil their lives forever. Make the men their slaves and treat them like dogs. Destroy families. For a minute wouldn’t they think about our kids? What happiness does it give, to see others in pain? Why are humans like this? What is the need for power which destroys the lives of so many? The winning king will have his ego satisfied and after the effect wears off, he would declare a war yet again.
As I trailed along, the trumpet sounded loudly. It was the final call for all the soldiers to assemble before the rolling gates. The sound of the trumpet seemed to clear my clouded senses. The sound reminded me of my life’s purpose to be a true soldier, to save my king, my kingdom. If we win this war, thousands of lives will be saved, regardless of the purpose. A few thousand families will be happy. Turning back and looking at my wife and kid for probably the last time, I ran towards the gate.
P.S: I dont know why I wrote this post? The word "Front-runner" from my friend inspired me to write this.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Something to chew over

I can’t explain the feeling when I saw Sachin Tendulkar break down and cry in front of Sathya Sai Baba. I am not a believer of this man. It’s hard to put in words what I feel about the way Sachin broke down. How much strong must be his faith? How much must be the connection or attachment he feels towards Baba? What could have probably instilled this kind of an immense faith in Sachin?
While I think about this, many questions are pounding my head. List of questions
Ø  What draws people to saints (if ‘saint’ is the right word, or GOD men or just whatever) like these?
Ø  How come predominantly only the rich people get drawn to them?
Ø  If these men were indeed GOD, why is there still so much suffering on earth?
Ø  How do people feel like believing these people after seeing the video footages of unimaginable sexual indulgence/political involvements? How strong must their faith be that they call any allegation against their guru a mere hoax play of the media?
Ø  Is spirituality a lucrative career in India?
While I am still thinking, you guys can think too. Catch you soon with something interesting.

Monday, 25 April 2011

My little Garden

A photo post for yesterday.

On a rainy dark night.

I dont know the name of this flower. I call it the Conch flower. Doesn't it resemble one?

My unripe fruits. Will it ever ripen?

A silent and beautiful intruder

The drops of water on the leaf - so detached. Wish I could be like this in life?

A lotus look alike?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why me???

It’s so beautiful to be a mother, indeed. I watched with so much fun, my daughter dancing and swaying to every breezy tune.  She was cute and good looking. I had a very tough time bearing her. It was not an easy thing for me, as it was for many others. I had a complicated pregnancy. I had struggled a lot to see her be born in front me and grow up. I was so happy and felt contended being a mother. Felt like my life was finally a complete one. There was only one wish in my life, to see my daughter grow up well and bear a few children. She should live to help a few build their shelter and spread some shade to other’s life who come seeking it.
It was such a happy moment in my life when my daughter had her first son. I was a grandma. What could be a happier moment in life? I knew my grandson would grow up to be very handsome. He had all those features. I always told my daughter the same. There are hardships in everybody’s life. But when we see small children, every tiring thing seems to just disappear. It was like this for me. I was living through the “heaven” period of my life, till one day when hell broke loose.
We lived in a colony. Some people came up near where we lived. They were talking about widening the road. They were talking about something pointing towards us and our home. My daughter and I were scared. We just looked at each other. I could sense the fear in my daughter’s eyes. Of course she had a very small son and I could read the insecurities in her mind. Some days passed in tension and then as days passed we forgot everything, having got engrossed in our daily activities.
Then all of a sudden one night, we heard some loud machine making a lot of noise. It shook the nerve out of us. My grandson was scared, any kid would be. He slowly broke into sobs. We saw the same men who had come sometime back. This time they were accompanied by few others – some laborers, perhaps. We were scared. The worst we feared was here. The laborers came closer to my grandson. The sobs soon turned into wails. This time, my daughter and I joined with him. We were so helpless. The men came closer. We knew what would happen in some time. Our dreams would be shattered and our progeny would end.
The sight we never ever wanted to witness had happened in front of us. The men had torn down my grandson to pieces. Now it was my daughter’s turn. She extended her arms towards me in silent distress. Her young son was killed in front of her. Now she was being attacked. The machine they carried roared. It was as though it wanted more blood. In no time it got my daughter down. She was also brutally murdered. The men were laughing and the machine seemed to send a shrill note of ecstacy.
I didn’t want to live no longer. I was wailing. I asked the men to come and finish me off. I was an old woman. Had been through enough trials in life and now had witnessed the death of both my loving daughter and adorable grandson. These mean men had turned my life of paradise to hell. I don’t know why I deserve this? After all I had been good all my life. I had helped so many raise a family at peace. When life showed me rainy days, I was calm and stood through the tough times. Not once did I tremble, fearing the lives associated with me. When life showed me sunny days, I absorbed the heat all by myself, not once complaining. Now only one question stuck to my mind, why me?
When I wailed helplessly, I saw the machine suddenly come to a halt. I did not want to be left alone. I did not want to live each day to remember this trauma. I saw the men were packing up and leaving in a jiffy. I saw another group of people with a lot of posters in their hands running towards me. I knew they had the good intention of saving me. But I could not help cursing them. Had they come a little earlier, they could have saved my loved ones. I had lost the only reason to live.
I shivered in pain when a little girl as old as my grandson came running with tears in her eyes. She hugged me tight. I also wanted a hugging soul. I let her hug me, while I stood there completely shaken. Her mother came and held her. Slowly she let go off me and moved towards her mother. As she moved, I read these words on her tee-shirt - “SAVE TREES”. Again only one thought struck me, why me?
Yesterday was EARTH DAY, this post is a write up for that.
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Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

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Today was a long day for me. Had to manage home, work and Pari. Pari showed me some shades of the little devil in her today.

So today I am leaving you with a small post, the "Ten Commandments". I got to watch a little of this movie on HBO. I had seen it as a kid in school. This was a movie they had played in school.

So here goes the Ten Commandments.

I am the Lord your God
You shall have no other gods before me
You shall not make for yourself an idol
Do not take the name of the Lord in vain
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy
Honor your father and mother
You shall not kill/murder
You shall not commit adultery
You shall not steal
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor

Have a nice day.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Human Mind - A split personality???

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening J
Today we were all set to leave. My daughter as usual was busy looking at the pet dog of our owner aunty and waving a bye to him. I opened the gate of our house when a lady who was sweeping the street came up and told you didn’t give me any money for the festival. I asked her which festival she was talking about. She said “Ugadi”. I told her 'Ugadi' was long gone and it’s too early for next year’s Ugadi. She said you celebrated while we have not yet. I knew she was giving me a reason for getting some money, while my eyes shifted towards a sales man who stood huffing and puffing in front of my neighbor’s gate. He was attempting to convince the neighbor house lady to buy his “papads”. He carried a big white bag with him. In it were papads, different varieties of them.
He came up to me, after a failed attempt at the neighbor's house; he started his new attempt, yet again. I don’t know this was his "how much’th" time? He said his papad was made of Sago rice, (Sabbakki in Kannada and Sabu dana in Hindi). He claimed they were homemade and when fried, they would be a wok full. I politely refused that we are getting late to office and I won’t be able to buy any papad from him. He tried yet again. May be he felt he could convince me. Perhaps, I looked like a soft target. By then M yelled back, now we have no time, please move on. With a long sullen face, the man walked on, on his mission, what seemed like a mission impossible for me.
I genuinely feel bad for these sales people. I feel their job is very difficult. They have to roam (regardless of the weather) from door to door, talking the same thing over and over again. They have to also hear to the nasty things people have to say. People seldom buy from any of these people. But they are eager to see what they have got, the price they have to offer and everything about the product they are carrying. To only reject it at the end. Finally people claim we can get it for cheaper at the store, why do we have to buy it from you? The sales person walks away packing away all his stuff, what he carefully removed and enthusiastically explained everything about. He would sure be yelling his lungs out within himself. Still courteously he says “thank you” as he walks out of one gate to enter yet another, where he would be going through the same thing most likely. I wonder what it takes to be in a job like this - lots of patience and the never dying hope that he would sell his product.
While all this was happening, that sweeper lady was quietly watching. After she saw that man walking away, she said these papads won’t be the way we make it. She claimed it won’t be good. And told when we make it ourselves at home, we would add freshly ground ‘Jeera’, ‘Pepper’ & dry chilies. We would dry it in the sun for days. That would be the original papad and nothing like it. She gave me the recipe within a minute. While I was feeling bad for the man walking in the hot sun, this lady was giving me the recipe of this papad. So, I retorted back at her. I just started telling her that he was selling it for making his ends meet and we should not comment on all this. Meanwhile she was also trying to tell me the same thing. She said, why should she comment, he was selling it for his livelihood. I was already on M’s bike and I continued to say that if we want lets buy it, if not let’s keep mum and not talk anything about it. When both the lady and I were done, M's bike had already started speeding. The thoughts about the sales man lingered on. Before I reached the end of the road, I was thinking what if this sales guy had stolen these products from some departmental store. I remembered the article I read on the newspaper. About a man who was nabbed for stealing packets of milk every day. Had this sales man done the same thing?? I was lost and unsure about the sales man.
Just then I realized the duality in human mind. The lady who was complaining about the sales man turned to take this side. Whereas me, who was supportive of him from the time I saw him had turned him into a thief.
That left me thinking, what is human mind made of?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Where there is a Will there is a Way!!!

Some days are just not your days. Today for no reason I am feeling gloomy. I think the weather controls my mood. Morning was a gloomy, dull, cloudy morning; hence the mood or that is what I want to believe. Today as I don’t have anything specific to write let me write about this random thought that was running in my mind, this morning.

Every day I see an old man near my office gate. He makes his living selling cigarettes. He has a small plastic tray in which he has stashed up varieties of cigarettes – the top selling ones, some “pan masala”, some chewing gums and mint mouth refreshers. He is a tall man, always clad in white. He wears a white dhoti and a white shirt. His hair matches the color of his dress. On sunny days he sits quietly under his multipurpose, black umbrella. I always see him and think about the opportunity he has found to make a living. The place he chose to set up his shop. We don’t have a smoking zone within our office campus. So all the guys come out to smoke, every few hours they feel the urge. They earlier used to walk down the road to get their cigarettes. But this man must have noticed this and used it as his golden opportunity.
He had a small table. Put up his tray on display there. He sits on a foldable metal chair. He had tied a black umbrella to the chair. He was sitting right under it. The umbrella was a typical old umbrella, the one you would have seen your grandpa using. It was a big black umbrella with a metal stick like protrusion on the top and the handle like a walking stick. He sat there all day selling his cigarettes. By the way, the umbrella was being used for protecting him from sun and he had pinned up the “pan masala’s” to the umbrella, using safety pins. Neat, isn’t it?
Guys in our office found his shop very handy. I had observed many people buying from him. They could save time by finishing their business quickly and get back earlier to work. I think his business must be doing quite well, for he still sits here from the last 4 years (well, almost).
I really appreciate this man. The way he found a way to make his living. The idea, the way he implemented it, everything about him is an inspiration. Personally, many a times, I have felt bad to see an aged man sitting and making a living, while he should be enjoying his time with his grandchildren. But I salute to his attitude to work and earn and live a life of dignity.
Today I did not see him. I saw his wife standing there. So, I was thinking more than usual about this man. Wondering if he went to buy something for his shop, where would he possibly be?
Anyways, this man makes me learn, it’s never too late to do what you want to, if you want to. If there is a will there is a way indeed. Isn’t it?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Salute to Marconi's Invention

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After a long time, I was listening to music yesterday. No no no, I listen to music often, but this time it was on Radio. There came another deluge of thoughts pouring in. It was all about the “Akashvani”. It made me feel so nostalgic. It’s the same feeling you get when you watch DD now. J
When I was small (I don’t remember how small) I used to listen to “Akashvani” with my mother. We had a small Philips Radio. This is what introduced me to all those great Kannada songs, which I still hum to. There was a golden magic in the voice of PB Sreenivas. And it suited Dr. Rajkumar as if it were his own. When I married M, he used to always feel my knowledge in Kannada was limited. But, he was surprised to know that I knew most of the songs in Kannada, which were also to his liking. All my sincere thanks are to the Radio. J
I was not a great movie buff back then. Even now I am not, but after marriage M has got me interested in all kinds of movies. I watch much more than I have before. Will you believe it, if I tell you I have not seen “Maine Pyar Kiya” or “Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge”? Ok, please don’t give me that look. I am tired of that look (which world are you from kind of a look). I have seen it repeatedly on so many faces, every single time I tell this to someone. But, post marriage, you ask me about any movie in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English, I would sure have something to tell you. J My thoughts have pulled me to Pakistan, while I actually wanted to tell you about Kashmir.
So, I was telling you about the Radio. We used to listen to “Dharavahi’s” in Kannada at night before sleep time. Those days there were no great TV programs. DD used to stop telecasting around 10. So the only source of entertainment used to be “Radio”. We used to listen to Ramayana on Radio. I got introduced to Hindi old songs also through Radio. This was my Hindi source apart from Chitrahar and Rangoli on TV. When the Radio was under repair, we all felt something amiss. It used to be terrible until it was back singing again. My granddad had a pocket Radio, which was a treasure; we were not allowed to touch. It used to be bought out only in times of world cup and test matches. J If there was a cricket match, my granddad used to stick his ears to the Radio. We used to run up to touch the gadget and he used to chase us away, fearing some attack to his most precious treasure.
My mom used to always ask me, who invented Radio and I used to promptly reply – Marconi. J Then her next question would be who invented TV – J.L Baird, followed by my dad poking in - Who invented Steam Engine?? Flabbergasted!!! I never answered this. Somehow I always forgot this great man’s name. After repeated failures (every time it was Dad’s business to ask me this), I finally learnt his name – James Watt. I still wonder why mom always liked this game. She has played this inventor’s name game with me so many times. J

After a while Radio disappeared completely. Cable TV was in. It erased Radio as if it never ever existed. Radio had become the so called Dinosaur. There was another popular craze in between, it was the VCR. I probably will write a separate post on that. Cable TV removed that away as well. Then it was a complete hook on to the TV. I used to miss those Radio moments though.
After a long time, again Radio City came in with a bang. It was Radio all over the place. Sunaina, Vasanthi Hariprakash, Pradeep, and so many other RJ’s shot to fame. Now there are so many Radio stations. Nobody can imagine a drive without playing the Radio. It’s good to see that Radio is back as if it never was extinct. J
It’s good to see Pari switching the Radio on and swaying to the music it is playing. She says ‘Dance Dance’ and switches it on. J. Feels so good that what I enjoyed in my childhood, even Pari is getting to enjoy. Just that it’s in her own sweet way. Nonetheless, she got to enjoy the Radio, which is what matters to me. J
While I enjoy the music on the Radio, I sign off.  Bye… J

Monday, 18 April 2011


My friend coined a nice name today – “”. So today’s post is dedicated to this name.
I present to you a “FEW” situations. Please try to figure out the outcome of all these situations.
Ø  You have planned a wonderful evening with your loved one and your boss at work says “Finish this task before the end of the day”.
Ø  You have an impending deadline and your kid is sick and your spouse has to work late in the night and on the weekends.
Ø  It’s your birthday and you expect your spouse to surprise you. And he shocks you by forgetting your birthday.
Ø  You are about to be promoted or transferred when your boss who processed your promotion/transfer quits the company.
Ø  You are working hard towards completing the work and your boss is on vacation.
Ø  You are all set up to move into your new house and the architect delays the completion by another week.
Ø  You have a meeting and after a rush in the morning you are confident of finally making it to the meeting and your kid poops and smiles at you. ( I call this Murphy’s law J)
So, did you get to the outcome of the “FEW” situations mentioned above?
Ok, don’t think hard. I will give it to you. The outcome would be “FRUSTRATION-INDIA-FRUSTRATION”. I am sure every one of you reading this, has something to add to this list. Please feel free to share your frustrations with me or someone you can. All of you are welcome to “” J
Have a day filled with frustration (Oops, I missed a “no”. It was purely unintentionalL). J

My sincere attempt to a meme.

Yesterday for some reason the net at home would not come up. This is yesterday's post.

I read Preethi Shenoy's blog regularly. She had put up this post regarding memes. The questions seemed interesting, so I thought why not give it a try?
1. Who has done something today to show they care about you?
It most likely will be my daughter or my husband. Today it was my daughter. She is a year and a half and today she showed me she had learnt to comb my hair. J
2. Do you have a lot to learn?
Yes. I always feel what I learnt is a drop in the ocean. This is a great setback for me professionally. For I openly admit what I don’t know, unlike those who project just what they know. Personally I feel I have to learn to control my anger and develop patience.
3. If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be?
  • Playing Veena
  • Be a great software programmer (I consider myself average now)
  • Learn to do good pencil sketches
4. Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel?
As time passes, I tend to forget what other people have said. I hardly care what other people did.
So that leaves me with the last one. I do definitely remember to say and do a lot to people who made me feel good. J
5. What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship?
No matter what, if there is a cord connecting both the hearts, the relationship is here to stay. I strictly believe that what is not meant to be, wont, No matter how hard you try.
6. What 3 things do you want to do before you die?
  • I want to build an old age home
  • I want to adopt a kid (this might not be possible due to various pressures, but atleast I would like to adopt a kid remotely and give him education).
  • I want to own a library.
7. What three things would you want to die to avoid doing?
I would like to avoid being called a bad mom, bad wife and bad daughter and above all anything to avoid being a bad human being.
8. Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?
Recent in memory is Anna hazare’s cause – Avoid corruption in india and then there is no one to stop us.
9. What does each decade make you think of:
90 ‘s – lot of childhood memories. Climbing trees, stealing guavas, scary report cards, maths……. Madhuri Dixit dance’s at school, A.R.Rehman’s romantic numbers. A long list of things. J
00’s – Y2k, Lot of rumours that the world will end. We are still going strong. Now it seems postponed to 2012. New job. Love life, Marriage and kid.
10. Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?
Present. I think although I go through various trials, I am a better human now. I sometimes feel my life is an Abbaas Mastan movie, full of twists and turns. I think that is what makes it very unpredictable and interesting. J
11. What is your favorite oldie/classic rock song?
I am not a great follower of rock songs. My favorite songs are all from Bollywood and it’s an endless list. I like “lag jaa gale” by Lata Mangeshkar, and all songs of kishore kumar.
12. What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country? If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be?
India - Prime minister is Dr.Manmohan Singh. "Sare Jahan se achcha".
13.What's your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?
POGO !!! J
14. What Disney villain are you the most like and why?
I can’t relate myself to any villain, not even a cartoon J. I don’t think I am that good yet. I always feel I am a good person... J and I want to believe in it. He he he … J
15. Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout?
No :(
16. If you were traveling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat?
17. Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night?
Ok tell me, why is the day bright and night dark and how come in Norway sky is blue for six months and black for the next six?
18. What does your name mean?
My Name means brightness. I wish I could let brightness touch many other souls out there.
19. Would you rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space?
I would not want to choose. I want to check out both.
Deeps of the ocean - I believe a lot of treasure is hidden down there. And who knows I might find my little mermaid. :P
Outer space – I want to know if aliens exist? I want to check if GOD is indeed an alien?? ;)
20. Word association
What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:
I could not think of only one word, but many words came to my mind and here they are.
Air:  Free - Tax free and cost free as of today.
Meat: Prevention towards animal cruelty
Different: Every individual in this world is... different
Pink: The color most of the girls love and guys hate. :)
Deserve: A little more peace to the world. This World deserves it.
White: An Angel. Now my daughter "Pari".
Elvis:  I dont know you much and you have a weird hairstyle.
Magic: Harry Potter and his school. I wish I were also a student there. J
Heart: When I see the live telecast of Bypass surgery - I wonder does this organ evoke feelings of love ?? :S
Clash: Something that should be avoided between husband and wife. :)
Pulp: Mango :)
21. If you could meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be?
My Grandpa. He was a little hard of hearing.
I wish God has healed him and I can listen to all those wonderful stories he told me once upon a time.
Holding his hand, I would go to "PAI" Ice cream parlour and have "Gadbad".
22. What if you could meet anyone who is alive?
Mr. RajniKanth. Joking about the Sardar community is something I always feel bad about.
But this man, like a one man army handles all the jokes about him so unaffectedly.
23. Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it everyday?
I dont like watching movies repeatedly. I get bored and feel I can remember the lines byheart.
24. You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do?
My husband :) and now I cant think about leaving my kid behind.
25. Have you ever saved someone's life or had your life saved?
Always wanted to win the Red Cross Bravery award. :)
But have never got this chance. :) I think I am not an adventurous person.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What rain does to people??

The day started fresh and cool today with the beautiful shower spell that was bestowed on Bangalore yesterday. I don’t know why but I always feel very romantic when I think about the rains. J Apart from the hot pakoda and a great book in hand feeling that rains evoke. Of course I should not be making the pakoda’s. Mom makes yummy pakoda’s. I would love it if she had made some for me. And I was relishing it with a book in my hand on the balcony of my home. Would there be a second heaven compared to this?? I don’t think so… J
Everything about the rains is so beautiful. Be it the smell that rises from the mud when it wets the earth or the glistening leaves, shining ever so proudly about its luster. Although the geography book talks a lot about how the clouds form, evaporation and condensation, I just want to believe that rains are God sent; Something beyond science. Something’s are better left without the intervention of science.  In my opinion Rains is one among them.
Rains always cleanse my thoughts. It makes me feel life is worth living after all. It reminds me, that come what may, we need to erase some things in life and move on. When you subject yourself to this cleansing process, you emerge out much stronger. And then you are the winner!  I didn’t know Rains made me phil(fool)osophical too.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Lingering memories of childhood

I went home after a long day yesterday when I switched on POGO. This is one of the TV channels I love to watch. It really helps me unwind. I sit with Pari (my little daughter –angel of my life) and enjoy this channel. Until of course, she is ready to co-operate with me in this whole act.
Aladdin was being played yesterday. How much I love this show. Aladdin and the Genie is a real cute story. I bow to whoever conceived this idea. As a child I used to always wonder, when I would find my magic lamp and when I would get a genie for myself. I had also made a list of what all I would make my genie do (Nothing nasty honestly). Till date I wish I had a magic lamp and a genie. With it comes the flying carpet. It would have been really amazing to travel around the world sitting on the carpet with M and Pari, not to forget my genie.
Coming back to the show, Aladdin’s genie acts like Jim Carrey of “The Mask“fame. I wonder who copied whom? Mostly the genie was animated keeping Jim Carrey in mind. He seems an original.
Jasmine is a real cute character. She was an all time favourite in school times. I fondly remember the teen age days when I fantasized being Jasmine and my Aladdin sweeping me off my feet (lovey-dovey days). J
That reminds me, The Little Mermaid was yet another favourite cartoon. J Ariel was a very cute mermaid. There are days when I have cried I didn’t stay near a beach. I was so cock-sure I would have found my mermaid friend, if we lived near a beach. How much I wanted to go underwater with her to see her kingdom, play with her. Befriend her fish(y) friend and Sabastin. J. It’s a different story that I could not swim. I believed Ariel would find a way for me. I wish it could still happen.
Those were the days when we felt every dream has a remote chance of coming true. There was more hope than despair. There was more clarity in our thoughts, be it true or fantasy. We were so sure of what we wanted. We felt when we grow up we would contribute so much to the society. In short we always felt, nothing in the whole wide world was impossible.
Childhood was real fun to be in. Don’t you agree? J
--- Dee

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The thought before writing...

Good Day all. J
I was thinking what all I should be writing in this blog of mine?
Just then this thought struck me. What would the script writer of a movie feel or rather what would he think, before he writes a story?
If he is in a good mood, he would write a story which would make people feel light when they are leaving the cinema hall. If he is a dejected soul, he would leave us crying and if he is out of his mind, he would leave us in splits. And yes, if he is concerned about some issue, he would leave us thinking.
Now, why am I talking all this unrelated stuff? It’s because I was thinking how I would make people feel when they visit my blog.
I would definitely not want to leave anybody crying. Already there is lot of crying in our lives. So I pledge that I would not leave you crying. J
Coming to what I wanted to write today, yesterday was my Vitamin M’s b’day (And wait a sec, Vit M is not Money as it usually stands for. It’s my hubby dear. He is my ATM so he is my Vit M, poor jokeJ). I surprised him with a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Was he happy? He was really moved with this surprise. Felt good. J
Today is a New Year’s day for many people. So wishing all those people loads of luck this year and a real Happy New year. Enjoy this year and have a blast. :)

-- Dee

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Welcome Note!!

I welcome myself to the world of blogger's. This is my first post.
Should I say I am nervous? Should I say I am having those little butterlies flying around in my stomach?
I am not sure why but I do feel like like a nervous little kid, first day at school.

I have always wanted to blog but I was not sure I can sustain this act. So, I resisted from getting into this.
However, I could no longer contain myself. And here I am.

I hope I can be a regular here. :)

Take care while I just take a little break.

-- Dee