Thursday, 14 April 2011

The thought before writing...

Good Day all. J
I was thinking what all I should be writing in this blog of mine?
Just then this thought struck me. What would the script writer of a movie feel or rather what would he think, before he writes a story?
If he is in a good mood, he would write a story which would make people feel light when they are leaving the cinema hall. If he is a dejected soul, he would leave us crying and if he is out of his mind, he would leave us in splits. And yes, if he is concerned about some issue, he would leave us thinking.
Now, why am I talking all this unrelated stuff? It’s because I was thinking how I would make people feel when they visit my blog.
I would definitely not want to leave anybody crying. Already there is lot of crying in our lives. So I pledge that I would not leave you crying. J
Coming to what I wanted to write today, yesterday was my Vitamin M’s b’day (And wait a sec, Vit M is not Money as it usually stands for. It’s my hubby dear. He is my ATM so he is my Vit M, poor jokeJ). I surprised him with a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Was he happy? He was really moved with this surprise. Felt good. J
Today is a New Year’s day for many people. So wishing all those people loads of luck this year and a real Happy New year. Enjoy this year and have a blast. :)

-- Dee

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