Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why me???

It’s so beautiful to be a mother, indeed. I watched with so much fun, my daughter dancing and swaying to every breezy tune.  She was cute and good looking. I had a very tough time bearing her. It was not an easy thing for me, as it was for many others. I had a complicated pregnancy. I had struggled a lot to see her be born in front me and grow up. I was so happy and felt contended being a mother. Felt like my life was finally a complete one. There was only one wish in my life, to see my daughter grow up well and bear a few children. She should live to help a few build their shelter and spread some shade to other’s life who come seeking it.
It was such a happy moment in my life when my daughter had her first son. I was a grandma. What could be a happier moment in life? I knew my grandson would grow up to be very handsome. He had all those features. I always told my daughter the same. There are hardships in everybody’s life. But when we see small children, every tiring thing seems to just disappear. It was like this for me. I was living through the “heaven” period of my life, till one day when hell broke loose.
We lived in a colony. Some people came up near where we lived. They were talking about widening the road. They were talking about something pointing towards us and our home. My daughter and I were scared. We just looked at each other. I could sense the fear in my daughter’s eyes. Of course she had a very small son and I could read the insecurities in her mind. Some days passed in tension and then as days passed we forgot everything, having got engrossed in our daily activities.
Then all of a sudden one night, we heard some loud machine making a lot of noise. It shook the nerve out of us. My grandson was scared, any kid would be. He slowly broke into sobs. We saw the same men who had come sometime back. This time they were accompanied by few others – some laborers, perhaps. We were scared. The worst we feared was here. The laborers came closer to my grandson. The sobs soon turned into wails. This time, my daughter and I joined with him. We were so helpless. The men came closer. We knew what would happen in some time. Our dreams would be shattered and our progeny would end.
The sight we never ever wanted to witness had happened in front of us. The men had torn down my grandson to pieces. Now it was my daughter’s turn. She extended her arms towards me in silent distress. Her young son was killed in front of her. Now she was being attacked. The machine they carried roared. It was as though it wanted more blood. In no time it got my daughter down. She was also brutally murdered. The men were laughing and the machine seemed to send a shrill note of ecstacy.
I didn’t want to live no longer. I was wailing. I asked the men to come and finish me off. I was an old woman. Had been through enough trials in life and now had witnessed the death of both my loving daughter and adorable grandson. These mean men had turned my life of paradise to hell. I don’t know why I deserve this? After all I had been good all my life. I had helped so many raise a family at peace. When life showed me rainy days, I was calm and stood through the tough times. Not once did I tremble, fearing the lives associated with me. When life showed me sunny days, I absorbed the heat all by myself, not once complaining. Now only one question stuck to my mind, why me?
When I wailed helplessly, I saw the machine suddenly come to a halt. I did not want to be left alone. I did not want to live each day to remember this trauma. I saw the men were packing up and leaving in a jiffy. I saw another group of people with a lot of posters in their hands running towards me. I knew they had the good intention of saving me. But I could not help cursing them. Had they come a little earlier, they could have saved my loved ones. I had lost the only reason to live.
I shivered in pain when a little girl as old as my grandson came running with tears in her eyes. She hugged me tight. I also wanted a hugging soul. I let her hug me, while I stood there completely shaken. Her mother came and held her. Slowly she let go off me and moved towards her mother. As she moved, I read these words on her tee-shirt - “SAVE TREES”. Again only one thought struck me, why me?
Yesterday was EARTH DAY, this post is a write up for that.
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  1. Nice write up...It was difficult to make who or rather "what" was the "grandmom" was till the end....and the subtle message hidden in the short story..beautiful :)


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