Friday, 15 April 2011

Lingering memories of childhood

I went home after a long day yesterday when I switched on POGO. This is one of the TV channels I love to watch. It really helps me unwind. I sit with Pari (my little daughter –angel of my life) and enjoy this channel. Until of course, she is ready to co-operate with me in this whole act.
Aladdin was being played yesterday. How much I love this show. Aladdin and the Genie is a real cute story. I bow to whoever conceived this idea. As a child I used to always wonder, when I would find my magic lamp and when I would get a genie for myself. I had also made a list of what all I would make my genie do (Nothing nasty honestly). Till date I wish I had a magic lamp and a genie. With it comes the flying carpet. It would have been really amazing to travel around the world sitting on the carpet with M and Pari, not to forget my genie.
Coming back to the show, Aladdin’s genie acts like Jim Carrey of “The Mask“fame. I wonder who copied whom? Mostly the genie was animated keeping Jim Carrey in mind. He seems an original.
Jasmine is a real cute character. She was an all time favourite in school times. I fondly remember the teen age days when I fantasized being Jasmine and my Aladdin sweeping me off my feet (lovey-dovey days). J
That reminds me, The Little Mermaid was yet another favourite cartoon. J Ariel was a very cute mermaid. There are days when I have cried I didn’t stay near a beach. I was so cock-sure I would have found my mermaid friend, if we lived near a beach. How much I wanted to go underwater with her to see her kingdom, play with her. Befriend her fish(y) friend and Sabastin. J. It’s a different story that I could not swim. I believed Ariel would find a way for me. I wish it could still happen.
Those were the days when we felt every dream has a remote chance of coming true. There was more hope than despair. There was more clarity in our thoughts, be it true or fantasy. We were so sure of what we wanted. We felt when we grow up we would contribute so much to the society. In short we always felt, nothing in the whole wide world was impossible.
Childhood was real fun to be in. Don’t you agree? J
--- Dee

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