Monday, 18 April 2011


My friend coined a nice name today – “”. So today’s post is dedicated to this name.
I present to you a “FEW” situations. Please try to figure out the outcome of all these situations.
Ø  You have planned a wonderful evening with your loved one and your boss at work says “Finish this task before the end of the day”.
Ø  You have an impending deadline and your kid is sick and your spouse has to work late in the night and on the weekends.
Ø  It’s your birthday and you expect your spouse to surprise you. And he shocks you by forgetting your birthday.
Ø  You are about to be promoted or transferred when your boss who processed your promotion/transfer quits the company.
Ø  You are working hard towards completing the work and your boss is on vacation.
Ø  You are all set up to move into your new house and the architect delays the completion by another week.
Ø  You have a meeting and after a rush in the morning you are confident of finally making it to the meeting and your kid poops and smiles at you. ( I call this Murphy’s law J)
So, did you get to the outcome of the “FEW” situations mentioned above?
Ok, don’t think hard. I will give it to you. The outcome would be “FRUSTRATION-INDIA-FRUSTRATION”. I am sure every one of you reading this, has something to add to this list. Please feel free to share your frustrations with me or someone you can. All of you are welcome to “” J
Have a day filled with frustration (Oops, I missed a “no”. It was purely unintentionalL). J

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