Monday, 19 March 2012

A Hang Over?

It was a gratifying weekend. Summer is here and stepping out at 10 in the morning gives a good feel of the hot summer Bangalore is facing. Talking about summer, people talk about Mangoes. Some of my friends express their desire to eat a sweet mango this summer. I dont belong to the mango lover's club. However I have a secret summer desire, which I was able to fulfill this weekend. And that is exactly how it was such a nice weekend for me.

My desire was to sleep through the afternoon with the fan running its full speed. Saturday afternoon was satisfyingly hot. After a good meal, my little P fell asleep, watching some cartoon. In the process of putting her to sleep, I also dozed off. The fan was running its full speed and when I woke up it was 5.30 PM. I was so happy to see my secret desire fulfilled. It reminded me of my school days, my summer vacation. Most of the days I used to play, but some days I used to sleep. Those days used to be filled with power cuts. So I remember days when I used to get up drenched in sweat. To just change sides and sleep again. This afternoon sleep was a refresher of my nostalgia.

With a lull mood I woke up and got up to do my activities. An afternoon's sleep leaves me with a "". I dont have the right word to fill in here. I dont know how it feels after you drink and sleep and then get up. But I think I feel that way, after an afternoon's sleep. May be a Hang over??