Tuesday, 3 May 2011

End of Osama says Obama

Many Americans celebrated when Obama announced the killing of Osama. As I type this, I just noticed that Obama and Osama are only different by a B and S. Anyways, jokes apart, some startling facts I heard from a writer and journalist, Mr. Ravi Belagare on television yesterday.
> In Afghanistan, it seems a woman was stoned to death after the daily ‘Namaz’. I know many who read this might think that the charge against her would be something related to cheating on her husband or a love affair or some such thing. No. In her case, she was going from home to home in the evenings spending time with kids teaching them English. Yes, she taught English and that was her crime.
> There are no bathrooms in any of the homes there. It seems there are places called 'Hamams', which is a public bathroom, where men go to do the rituals. Women are not allowed to go there often for the fear of physical abuse by other men. She is allowed to go once in six months. Yes, once in six months.
> In times of war, many lose their legs, hands, eyes and what not. But they are all operated on by doctors without giving them anesthesia. Yes, you read it right. They writhe in pain and cry and howl, while they are being operated on/amputated. But there is no option. When a man is shot in his eyes, his upper eye lid is just pulled and stitched with the lower portion. There is no better facility than this.
> It seems Afghanistan is very rich in natural resources. There are many unexplored mines. But the fear of the White Mountains is so high, that these are left untouched.
> Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium and Drug trafficking is the key resource of revenue.
> Afghanistan was never colonized by the British. The British never attempted to do it and stayed away from Afghanistan.
Mr. Ravi's words have made a lasting impact on my mind. I wish to know more about this country and I will surely read to know about it and let you all know when I discover more.
I had been complaining about how bad my life was and how much I have lost control of my life. But just as I write this, I am grateful to GOD. He has given me so much. My pains are so much less compared to these people in the other part of the world.

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  1. The war torn country is a sad state...confused , ignorant, innocent people. They have been victoms of foreign reign for years now. Recently i happened to read an article which described the situation of the land and well...Osama. How Osama was a friend turned foe for the US, someone they trained to control the land and termed him "enemy No 1" when things backfired. The Soviet had taken control over Afghanistan. It is a known fact that the US resented Soviet's presence in teh country for reasons well known - supremacy! Hence Us trained Osama and the like to counter the rule. The Soviets returned...making the Taliban to take over who had so far been trained by the US. Now when they retaliated, they become terrorists! The people there are so confused that they dont know what a normal life means! They are so used to the war and the extreme situations....it is "their" normal life......


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