Friday, 23 December 2011

A valuable lesson from my new Guru

After I have become a mother, every day I am learning something new from my little angel. She is my new Guru.
Yesterday, she had 'Sports Day' in her Day Care. When I picked her in the evening, she told me with excitement that she participated in the running race. After going home, I asked her who stood first and second in the race. I did not expect her to answer it, but she so matter-of-factly said two names. I was taken by surprise that she understood what it meant to be first and second in the race. Then I realized that the care taker must have just told “A” is first and “E” is second (or vice versa; I am not sure of the order). So, that must have registered in her little brain.
As a mother I felt bad that my daughter did not stand first in the race. I agree it is my bad. It’s the same old competitive attitude we mothers have. No matter how many ever times, I asked her, her reply was the same every time. It could not be any different. I should have known better. Then I realized how stupid I was trying to be. She was not bothered about the outcome of the race. It did not matter to her. She was so happy she ran the race. It was pure fun for her.
I was being really bad in instilling the competitive attitude in my little angel. I refrained myself and stopped asking her that stupid question of mine.
Lesson learnt dear princess. I will never make you feel inferior for not being first in any competition what so ever. I will ensure I instill this in you. I will enjoy the race as you did yesterday.
You made me realize, “running is all that matters not winning”.

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