Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Resolutions for 2012

11 days to get into the New Year, (probably the last living year *rolling eyes smiley*) so I am into the resolution mood. Here is what I strictly resolve to follow this year.
ü  Stick to my Yoga schedule every day.
ü  "Eat healthy and avoid a junk body" than "Eat junk and avoid a healthy body".
ü  Avoid talking about anybody at his/her back. While I talk about him/her, somebody else might as well be talking about me (does not feel good even as I write this).
ü  Try to see a positive in every situation. (No, I am not being over-optimistic. I am seriously bugged of focusing on the negatives).
ü  Avoid gossips. It steals me off so much of my energy. It might seem juicy, but the nutritional content is ZERO.
ü  Do not judge anybody based on one stray incident. I am also erratic at times.
Yes, these are going to be my primary goals. Hope GOD gives me the wisdom to abide by the rules I set.
Make resolutions and also stick to them. Happy Resolution time of the year!

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