Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di???

No matter how hard I try not to think this way, there is a difference between North India and South India. Be it the food, the appearance, the skin complexion, the culture, everything is so different. This is a sensitive topic and I am not comfortable writing about it. But, I must say that many people still dont feel connected with South India. "We are from the North", kind of feeling exists in many of them. I dont want to offend anybody. But all that I care to say is that people feel divided within the same country. The sense of belonging is not seen. I feel sorry to say that and I want to truly see India as one country. The other day, on Radio One 94.3, a girl said she was from the North India. In some context, she said in "our side", we dont do it this way. The RJ caught her on that point and said, "What is this our side, your side? Please dont divide India into the North and South. And remember, please say you are from India. That is enough". I loved that RJ for this. Kudos to him. We all belong to one global village and should seek ways to connect to one another rather than disconnect. Nobody is superior or inferior. The ways are different, but diversity is what makes our country so beautiful. Please dont divide India by religion, caste, creed, color of the skin, language and state. We have enough problems as a country, let us not create problems within the country too. We are educated and matured to understand that all these does not matter when it comes to interacting with a person. All that matters is the person. Dont let all these useless differences poison your mind.
All said, today I rushed into a meeting as I was late. The meeting progressed and a mobile started ringing loudly. We always forget to put our mobiles in the meeting profile. The "murderous rage" song, "Why this kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di?" played loudly, bringing a smile to everyone's lips. The otherwise serious meeting cooled down a little. The owner of the mobile, very conscious of the loud ring tone dug deep into his pant pocket, trying hard to reach it. He ran out of the conference room, letting the meeting continue. Anyways, the point I was trying to make here was that, he is from the "North" India. I truly was amazed to see him set a typical kuthu song from "South" India, as his mobile ringtone. Is this a sign of diminishing difference between the North and South? Its not false when people say Music has no boundaries, is it not? How about the Chamak Chalo song - the chartbuster song? It has Tamil lyrics in it. Another encouraging sign.
I pray many more such barrier breakers come and break all the differences within and between South, North, East, West and Central India. I just hope to see India as One country, one lovely Country.

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