Thursday, 15 December 2011

I love Bangalore

This weekend, we had two different experiences with the auto drivers. At one junction, we asked the auto driver, if he would come to our area. He demanded Rs.50, when we refused, he asked to pay Rs.40. Then he said, pay Rs.10 extra on the meter. My husband M sensed he was drunk and he said we won’t get into that auto. When we started moving away, that auto driver got down and started coming towards us. We walked away, he was yelling from behind. He was asking us to walk home, ridiculing us. We did not care and walked to the next auto and got into his auto. He demanded more, knowing that we were walking away from that drunk driver. Although, we were pi**ed off with him, we were forced to leave and went by that auto.
When driving towards our home, one biker cut in front of our auto and tried to overtake him. The auto driver was so angry that he cornered him and made him stop, after which they almost got into a fist fight. I guess the biker was drunk in this case. In a matter of 10 minutes, we saw two drunk drivers on a Sunday evening.
So many drunk drivers let loose on the road. They are posing safety threats for themselves and people travelling by public transport. How can I endorse public transport, this being the case? Are the Traffic Cops of Bangalore listening????
Please help in making Bangalore safe. I love Bangalore.

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