Monday, 19 December 2011

Can B'lore Central be more courteous?

I had a splendid weekend. I did a lot of shopping on Saturday. It was almost a ‘shop till you drop’ experience. No, I literally mean it. Shopping is not so easy, with a two year old hyper active kid. Yesterday, I went to Bangalore Central, caught a good Kannada movie in Mantri Inox after close to 3 years.
One thing I noticed was some of the staff in Bangalore Central was wearing a head band/headgear (I will stick to a head band). The head band was really pathetic. It was shaped like a crown and it was white in color. There was a blue outline to it and it had some text written in blue in between. It read something like “May I help you get your payback” or something similar. I felt very bad to see the staff put on something like that. I mean, fine you pay your staff, but asking them to look funny is something I sincerely don’t approve off.  I somehow personally felt very bad to see men being used like puppets. Whoever has come up with this idea, please imagine your boss asking you to wear something like that? How does it feel? It is definitely not the same feeling one gets when dressed as a Santa or his elves. That kind of dressing makes one feel good, because children around you are excited. But this is ridiculous.
They are less qualified and paid less but they are fellow human beings with emotions and they need to be respected. The head band could be replaced with some signboards everywhere and a common counter where there are people to assist customers in the offer that the shopping mall is providing. Or the staff could be provided with a “May I help you?” badges. I was deeply disappointed with this attitude of Bangalore Central towards its employees. I am not sure how they treat them in other aspects, but this is a definite no-no for me.
It is not long before; somebody told me that Indians lack respect for life and fellow countrymen. After seeing this yesterday, I was forced to believe the latter to some extent.

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