Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just love ......

Off late I dont know why, I am ending up hearing about things related to Divorce, Ending a marriage, Married Unhappily every after and things of the kind. Some thoughts are crossing my mind and here it is for all the readers of this space to contemplate.

  • We cant divorce, that is basically terminate any relationships other than a husband/wife one. Yes, we can do it with friends. But relationships I meant, like father, mother, brother, sister etc.
  • When we can adjust with so many people in this world, why is it so hard to adjust with a spouse?
  • When we were able to love the same person some time back, how hard is it to try to love them again?
Its disturbing to see some people fall out of love. Life is beautiful, try to love each other and dont talk about ending relations with somebody you longed to live with. I am nobody to tell this, but please try to love your spouse.

You are married because there were days when you felt you could not do without each other. You are married because you wanted to. You are married because you were in love so much. Remember those times when you wanted to be with each other. Try to revive those special moments for which you are together. Focus on the things that you are married for, instead of focussing on why you cant see each other any more.

Just love ...

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