Monday, 4 July 2011

Choose to Choose

Good or bad, Happy or Sad
Healthy or Ill, Ups or Downs,
Life is a choice,
You live, what you choose to live.

When you choose something,
be so sure, that nothing ever shakes you.
Let the world turn upside down,
stick by what you choose.

It might pour on your way,
The sun might break your back,
Stay put and hold on, for there was a time
A reason why you choose this path.

A few would say why this way?
A few would scare you, advise you.
A few would stick by you,
Remember to pay them back someday.

A choice might do you good or bad,
It might bring you luck or disaster,
But you have no choice,
for all you can do is just choose.

A choice is never right or wrong,
The consequnces of the choices are.
Life is a consequence of the choices,
We have to choose, learn and move on.

Fear not a choice,
Dont hesitate to make it.
A choice is Gods way of telling you,
there is more he knows than you.


  1. Somewhere i read, "Even not choosing is a Choice and that choice also affects everything in your Life"
    May you always choose the right.

  2. Lovely thought! I agree that Life is full of "If...Else..."statements. My personal experience is that choices made from the heart are more often right than those made after a lot of thinking and debating using our brain. Brain is meant to confuse us. :)

  3. Choice...complicated term. Nice poem :)


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