Friday, 8 July 2011

Lord feels he is robbed!

OOPS!!! What I feared for generations has finally come true. They have uncovered the last few remains of Gold I had kept hidden. Now, it’s out for the media and public to see and for the politicians to misuse. I lived peacefully for about a century and a half. I was saving this fortune for my bad times. Oh, come on. Don’t ask me, what bad times I could possibly have. See, from last Saturday, they have not let me sleep a wink. People are constantly pounding at the underground chambers and there are so many people coming to the temple. Strangely even atheists are coming to see me. I should say they are coming to see my fortune. I don’t trust you humans any more. I have not seen any two-timers like humans. I hate myself for creating you people. It’s like a vicious circle in which I am trapped, after creating you humans.
Long long ago, I should say those were the best days of my life. There were some good kings, who really cared for me. They made temples for me. They adorned me with gold and beautiful gems, draped me in soft silk. They had my temple decorated. They ensured I was always attended to and pampered me a lot. My abode smelled so sweet. It was so peaceful. Every evening, there would be bhajans sung in my praise. I was so pleased that I saw to it that all are happy.
Off late, I have become someone whom people come to only to drop their petitions. They don’t care about my needs. People are more bothered about themselves. For example see my temple in Tirupathi. It has become a commercial business center. You humans tell you sacrifice your hair for me. What will I do with it tell me?? It’s just because I created you such that your hair will grow back you are ready to let go off it. If otherwise, would you still give away your hair?? Just don’t fake it anymore. I am not as innocent I used to be. I have learnt to handle you humans. How about my gold ornaments and belongings there? All you so called pious priests have replaced them with counterfeit ones long ago. No wonder you priests have such big bellies. All the sins lay hidden there. Wait till you meet me. I will ensure I give you a special treatment. After all you are all so special to me.
Thiruvanathapuram in my times or Trivandrum in recent times was my last ray of hope. See I had safeguarded so many chains, coins, all kinds of stuff hidden. I also had an artisan who did an 18 feet sculpture of me, with so much love. Now all is gone. I myself don’t know who is going to eat up all this money. Which Swiss or US bank this money will get deposited into?? Somebody will become rich in my name. Generations to come will be happy. But I am not happy. I am robbed. They have opened all the 5 vaults, only one vault remains. There is a snake embossing on it. The Supreme Court has stalled opening of the sixth vault. Wait till you open it. You have only seen gold so far. This is the Pandora’s vault (box). Wait till you humans unleash misfortune on yourself. Now every human is looking at the opportunity of usurping my fortune. Wait till you open the sixth vault. Then I will have my final laugh.
Disclaimer: This is just a fictional piece of what God feels about this Padmanabhaswamy Temple Episode. I did not intend to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Its just an attempt to make people smile.


  1. Well, the Lord's wealth hasn't been taken away yet. Everybody is busy debating what is to be done. Me personally, I would love to just be able to see some of those things. Or else if a meticulous photo enumeration is done, that too could be displayed, so that the people of Kerala can see some of the wonders and feel even more proud of our heritage.[We are already so proud about the honesty and humility of our ex-kings.]

  2. Nice point of view....God speaking for himself...i have been a fan of treasure hunts....the very mystery associated with treasure hunts and the stories revealed is so fascinating. But of course...the flip side of this is the exploitation of the humungous amount of wealth unearthed....i wonder how of much of it is already gone underground ....

  3. HGM: You are from the God's own country. You have all the reasons to be proud. Another feather onto Kerala's cap.

    Vid: Thanks for reading. Treasure hunts have always fascinated me as well.:)


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