Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Being simple. Is it really simple?

What is it to be simple?
To limit our needs and our desires?
By wanting not and asking not?
Why is it not simple to be simple?

What is simple in God's creation?
A bud opening up its petals on its own?
A bird soaring in the sky?
Why does simplicity bring happiness?

Feelings are so complex, the envy,
the hatred, the lust, the love,
the greed, name any or name it all,
Nothing around is simple, how can we be?

And how about God?
He is a mystery, an enigma,
So fascinating; when we learn about him,
he seems far away from being simple.

Being simple is a quest.
I am nowhere near solving it yet.
It seems so far, yet so near?
Why is it not simple to be simple?

1 comment:

  1. "All fascinating things are may not be simple, but all simple things are fascinating." i liked the second stanza :)


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