Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Only if I were......

When I miss my love a lot,
I wonder why he is so far away,
I wish I could sneak up to him,
and kiss him on his cheek.

When my baby is playing,
She knows not what her obstacles are,
She trips and slips several times,
I wish I could hold her before she falls.

When somebody is rude with people,
I wish I could beat them up.
Teach them a lesson to behave,
And to never dare ill-treat others.

When I hear of mysteries,
I wish I could see them for real.
Explore things that were never found,
Unravel the truth for generations ahead.

I think about all this several times,
if only all this was possible.
It could all come true,
If only I had the power to be invisible.


  1. Or you be a super-human to....Guess who is this invisible here

  2. Oops! I am neither a super-human, nor do I have the power to be invisible. Please respect this normal fellow human and let me know who you are? :)

  3. You know, that's what I've always wanted to be--invisible!

  4. Imaginations of the boundless Mind :)


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