Thursday, 23 August 2012

Haiku#2 - Green

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Beautiful Indian flag is tricolored,
Saffron represents the vast plains,
White the snow-capped Himalayas,
Green the rich laden forests,
Is it time to change?

This is written for Haiku Heights. The prompt being Green.

This is my interpretation of our glorious flag. I want to believe that Pingali Venkayya, who designed the Indian Flag might have had similar thoughts. Our country is so beautiful and is having Himalayas on one side, Thar desert on the other, the peninsular south which has rich forests. One would fall short of words, if India's natural beauty has to be described.

All this being true, its also true that we are losing the snow capped mountains to Global Warming and all the forests are slowly diminishing. So, this Haiku prompt was thought provoking for me.

I wish we try to retain our country's beauty and not just restrict the beauty to our flag?

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