Monday, 25 February 2013

A New Mother

Back after one of the longest hibernation. Feels good to be here though.

My little daughter had one of the worst fevers ever. Last week she was completely down with a viral infection and a very bad cold accompanied by cough. I have never seen her suffer so much. It was a very trying time for me, to manage home, work and a sick child. The toughest thing was the sleepless nights (I dont feel human, unless I get my min 7 hrs of sleep). To top it all, my help at home also fell sick and did not turn up for 3 days.

I felt like a new mother today when I was cooking and packing for her. I was not sure what is safe for her to eat. I was having this strage insecurity in my heart. I felt the same way one would feel, if they have to ride a bike after having met with an accident. A strange fear engulfs our mind, although we have been riding for so many years. The same way, everytime she recovers from being very sick, I feel like a new mother, who has to learn to handle the little angel.

Still having slight cold and cough, I hope she springs back to normalcy very soon.

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