Saturday, 11 August 2012

Soul - Haiku Heights #1

Friendship, Love,
Marriage, Misunderstandings, Missing -


Friendships turn into love, and love into marriage. With marriage, comes misunderstandings and that is when many married couples, search for their missing soul. When did it all begin? I mean, when did they start losing their soul, to the meaningless misunderstandings? They realize they were once madly in love. Are they the same couple?

Just a piece of fiction. :)

First attempt at the Haiku Heights. Hope I got it right and people like it.

 Inspired by the theme at


  1. sounds like my first marriage.....not this one, though - there's absolutely nothing missing....Not bragging, well, maybe a little...

  2. Interesting... that is why marriage should be the togetherness of two souls first! :)

    Bathing under the twilight


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