Saturday, 28 January 2012

Entering the Year 2012 with a Contest Entry

Happy New Year 2012!! Sorry for being so late to wish you all, but I entered the writer's block for a few days.

With this post, I plan to enter the contest in this wonderful blog that I follow.

The theme was to draw inspiration from one of the artists, she mentions in her blog and do your own creative thing. After some searching and researching, I decided that it was Jamini Roy for me.

I planned to do two of her paintings, in my own version. One using thumb impression and the other is by Pencil sketch. I hope you all enjoy the two of it.

Here are the original versions.

And here are my child friendly versions.

Now, how do I do it?? Here you go -

For the mother and child painting,
  • I made a thumb impression and an impression of my index finger with yellow paint.
  • I made the eyes and the facial features using black sketch pen.
  • The outlining of the face is made with brown sketch pen.
  • I filled out the remaining using crayons.
Learning for children -
Using the thumb impression, children can create faces using paint. The inner detailing can be done using sketch pen, once the paint is dry. They can also try doing emoticons using this concept. :)

For the second painting,
  • I used a pencil and scribbled all over the page. :) Enjoyed doing this bit thoroughly.
  • Then I tore a piece of waste paper and rubbed it on the scribbling. This made the pencil marks smudge and gave an even finishing.
  • After that I drew an outline of the face (very lightly, without leaving an impression) with pencil.
  • Used an eraser and rubbed the thin pencil outline and made thick boundaries for the erased parts of the sketch.
  • Voila, the pencil sketch is ready. :)
Learning for children -
Introducing Pencil sketches and a little bit of shading.

Thanks Shruti for giving me this oppurtunity to do something different and satisfy my creative hunger. :)


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  2. Wow..this is amazing! :)


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