Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Record of My Mind's - Inconsistent Jabber

I wonder what my life is turning out into? I go to work everyday diligently between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. I work, chat with a few friends at office during tea breaks and lunch breaks. We talk about anything we feel like on that day. There is luckily no rigid rules set for the topic of banter (it would be so boring otherwise). I pick my daughter from the day care. I cook and I clean. I am so tired when I hit the pillow, my husband complains I snore.

This is essentially how my normal day looks. I am so amazed at my ability to do the same mundane things every single day. I appreciate my motivation levels. How do we tune ourselves into a life like this?? There is less likely that there is going to be any change in the way the day will turn out to be. Except for the fights with the managers, handling their erratic behavior is a single challenge that I may face on some days. My husband has his manager to be bugged with. So, when we both return home, its like we have left a battle field and are so happy and greatful to finally be back home.

The work exhausts us completely and we hardly have any energy left to play with the baby. We muster up all our strength and still do a fair justice in playing with her. In the little time that is available, we try to entertain her with some dull tricks. After a day's toil, the mind is in the least creative mode.

I wonder what I could change in my life to make it more interesting. Something to make me look forward to see the following day. Its not like I dont attempt, I do read books, try to do some art work, browse internet. But still it does not make me feel adequate. I still feel something is amiss and the work life is a predominant factor. It gorges into most of the time in the day. Work life balance is not so easy to achieve with 9 hours of being in office.

While I think how to make life interesting, if anybody has ideas, please let me know.


  1. 1. Can do a little charity within our limits as we were discussing.
    2. Listening to music can be great relief and watching movies frequently can be great stress busters.
    3. Shopping ;-)
    4. Gardening.
    5. Doing small bhajans(whichever i learnt in my childhood..) no time to learn now :-( - this is my personal experience and gives me immense satisfaction.
    6. Or even learning new things also - i am not sure which one of them or how :)

    u might be doing many things. But if we can enjoy with these things may be consciously.. i guess we can be happy.. but even i feel i need something eternal for me to be happy now..

  2. Hehe...i had been just a listener to u until recently but now i find myself slowly getting into the mode that u always talked abt... :)
    As for me the boredom is overwhelming that i dont do things that i always loved or wanted to do...i am super bored :)
    Hey hav u started with ur stitching? I believe u bought a sewing machine, dint u? U sure hav been doing some gardening ..:)

  3. Ranju, I do some of what you said and you know me. I get into the "bugged" phase once in a while. :)

    Vidu.. I havent started stitching full fledged. Plan to do soon. Yes, I did buy a machine. Gardening I do, but I wish I had a garden like you did in your house.. :)


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