Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A humble yellow metal

Today after our lunch, our girls gang started talking about 'Gold'. Most of the girls eyes would go wide open and a small smile might break open in their lips, when they hear this word. However there are a few exceptions to everything. This case is no different. Some girls are crazy about diamonds and platinum. He he jokes apart, this is one solo yellow metal, which no girl would complain accomodating in her house. No matter, how bad the space crunch is, in her cupboard.

It was a good conversation about 916, KDM and Hallmark. Each one stating what they feel is pure. And again which brand is best and where we can find maximum designs. It created a small ripple effect in ever heart. All this conversation started, with one girl from our gang getting married. She needs to buy gold for her marriage. This conversation ended up with atleast one item (I know its definitely more than that) wish list in every girl's heart. For one it was a "kada", for the other it was an antique temple jewellery and for one it was as simple as just "buy something".

When we dispersed, I could still see a "ting", a twinkle in every eye. Everybody walked to their respective work locations with dreamy eyes.

Gold - A dreamy metal, a dream which possesses its owner.


  1. Interesting exploration of the cultural emotional meaning attributed to gold. Alice

  2. Thanks Alice. I am glad you liked it. :)


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