Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Assorted thoughts

*      No matter how many times I read Ramayana and Mahabharata, I find it interesting to read a newer version of it. It is retold by so many authors. It’s interesting to see how the same EPIC is interpreted so differently. How great is the story that it keeps us engaged although we know what is going to happen. I never get bored of these two EPICs. Now I am reading a version "Prince of Ayodhya" by Ashok.K.Banker. I am just waiting to go back and lay my hands on that book.
*      Such a beautiful sunrise today. Early mornings are such a pleasure; the crimson red sky and the light breeze refreshing the dull sleepy mind. I thought I would go back to sleep when I got up, but the beauty of the morning forbade me from wasting my time sleeping. It refreshed me so much that I was all charged up to do my house chores.
*      Festivals are fun. How would life be without festivals? Yesterday it was Tulsi Puja. I did not find time to do an elaborate puja. Just a small rangoli, few lamps and a small puja, was so soothing to my senses. Definitely the festivals were created with a purpose. It was to fill in positivity to the soul.
*      I want to lead a more disciplined life. I want to do yoga every day. Want to read the newspaper every day. But I don’t find time. No I am not making excuses. I have improved a lot after becoming a mother. But still, I have to go a long way in time management I believe.
*      I am feeling very bad for mom somewhere in the depth of my heart. I want to do something for her. I am not sure what.  I want to see her happy.
*      No matter how much I tell myself to work and not expect anything in return, when it comes to practicing it, I fail. I fail miserably. When I have toiled hard and somebody snatches away all the credit, I still cannot handle it. I feel very depressed and take some time to come out of it. I hate such personalities, who live on other people’s hard work. According to me, they are the worst lot of the mankind and are very tough to deal with.
Just after writing this post, I see the words that are bold in the above points. The good and nice outweigh the bad and sad bolds. That is a good enough reason for me to be happy today. Don’t you think so?
No matter what confronts you today, be happy. Spread the disease of happiness around. I accidently hit this site and found it beautiful. I can’t relate more to it.

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  1. Thanks for spreading some of this disease to us!!!!!!!!!


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